Whilst we pride ourselves on our systems and processes, they'll only get you so far. Our highly skilled and dedicated team ensure we continue to exceed industry standards, and given our position as leaders in the industry - even help write new ones. 



Phil Bates,

Phil and his wife Jane purchased Balcrom from Fulton Hogan in 2013. With a background in the composite, building, joinery, windows, roofing and solar energy industries, Phil brings a wealth of background knowledge to the Balcrom team. Along with being Director of Balcrom, Phil is also the Vice President of the NZ Precast Association.

Phil was attracted to his role at Balcrom due to the potential he saw in the region. He’s quite passionate about all things orientated towards building, and concrete is paramount when building various projects.

Phil’s role changes a lot during the day to day operations of the business. He loves to “keep the finger on the pulse” when it comes to projects, and can always be seen helping the team to get a project over the line. He loves to see continuous improvement from his team whether it be staff performance, or improving the processes to ensure Balcrom continues to deliver better quality with greater efficiencies going forward.

Phil has emphasised that the team spirit of Balcrom continues to make him enjoy his job every day. “Building a great culture and team environment ensures everyone loves the work they are doing, to ensure a top-quality product goes out the gate within the scheduled time frame and on budget”, he explains.

In Phil’s spare time he loves cycling and can be seen mountain biking or road cycling throughout the weekends. He loves to play squash and “hooning around on the jet skis”.

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Jason Money,

Jason, is originally from England, Jason has been in the concrete business for over 35 years, working with renowned companies Tarmac, Stresscrete, Hynds, Nauhria and now, Balcrom. Jason is arguably the most passionate and knowledgeable person about concrete that you’ll ever meet.

As CEO, Jason is at the forefront of Balcrom and wants to further develop the company into the future. “Balcrom has a family vibe to it. Everyone is great company and is easy going to get along with”. Jason is a huge believer in family comes first, this is evident in his philosophy to workplace culture – where he believes having a happily family (at work), means having a happy family (at home).

In Jason’s spare time he loves hunting with bow and crossbow, fishing and mountain bike riding. He also loves messing about with computers, eating and enjoys spending time with family and friends. In addition, Jason is an avid Lord of the Rings fan, and describes driving through Central Otago as “an experience through Middle Earth”.

Jason and his family relocated from England to Auckland, and now to little old Waihola! He’s enjoying being away from Auckland’s hussle and bustle, and of course the notorious traffic!

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Steve McAuslin,
Quantity Surveyor

Steve has been a part of the Balcrom team from the beginning. A self-employed ex-carpenter, Steve made the shift to concrete originally with Fulton-Hogan, who owned the business before Balcrom purchased it in 2013.

Steve’s day to day roles include liaising with clients, pricing jobs, administering quotes and customer relationship management.

Steve says winning jobs and seeing the projects run smoothly from start to finish is what motivates him. Relationships are a huge aspect within the precast concrete business, and maintaining these relationships are key. “Understanding a client’s wants and needs is very specific, we really like to take the time upfront with each customer to ensure what we’re producing fits the brief and their expectations”.

In Steve’s spare time he is an active hunter, and is actively involved with schoolboy and club rugby. A true Dragon’s fan, you can always see Steve at Montecillo Park on a Saturday supporting his team!

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Dean Katon,
Operations Manager - Balclutha

Dean has been part of the Balcrom team since its inception in 2013 and was a core member of the Fulton Hogan team for six years. Previously Dean spent 25 years in the cabinet making industry.

Dean originally started as a yard foreman with Fulton Hogan, where he held a management position, running the staff and liaising with clients. Now, Dean is operations manager, ensuring end-to-end processes are executed effectively by the Balclutha branch with the rest of the management team.

Dean enjoys how every day is different in his role and loves the challenge of running the staff and ensuring the smooth running of the plant to deliver jobs on time. Dean believes that the key to a well-run plant is to build a positive attitude amongst the team, along with everyone having respect for one another. Dean’s desire to put out high quality products  as well as his experience with the practicalities of the job is a huge advantage to Balcrom and adds a lot of value to the team.

In his spare time Dean loves restoring classic cars, especially his pride and joy, a 1970 VF Pacer, as well as enjoying fishing and everything else outdoors.


Damien Gahan,
Operations Manager - Cromwell

Damien, is originally from Ireland. He has been working in the Precast industry since he was 18 years old – roughly 23 years. He has worked as a site-erector, helping to build and erect concrete panels that make up buildings, and has also worked in a role which required him to build precast concrete water tanks and various other goods. Five years ago, Damien relocated with his family to New Zealand where he worked in Ashburton for Bradford Precast.

As Operations Manager, Damien oversees the daily running of the Cromwell plant. He collaborates with Dean, Operations Manager Balclutha, daily to make sure both the Cromwell and Balclutha plants are working as a cohesive unit. Damien loves to be able to meet and greet new customers, and loves “creating realities for people’s dreams”. “Sometimes customers come to us with the craziest ideas and it’s our job to make it happen”.

Damien believes the key to a high performing and successful team is good organisation and clear communication, hence why we can always see him helping the team around the plant, and handling pressure situations calmly, to deliver quality products to schedule.

In Damien’s spare time he loves mountain biking, motocross, fishing, all things outdoor and socialising. A big reason for relocating to Central Otago was to be able to do these activities in his spare time. Above all else, Damien is a family orientated man and is currently raising his youngest son, along with two teenage girls.


Jason Geustyn,
Production Engineer

Jason joins the Balcrom team as our production engineer, and he is at the forefront of employee health and safety at Balcrom. His number one task is looking after the team and providing them with the correct PPE (personal protection equipment) in any situation, as well as looking after equipment. Jason handles a lot of the hazardous substances on-site, and keeps up to date with all MSDS sheets across the site.

Jason, is originally from South Africa. He has recently travelled here to New Zealand, with his wife and two children. Jason has a background as a mechanical engineer for an electrical company called Eskom, based in South Africa. He spent around 9 years working at Eskom before deciding to relocate to New Zealand.

In Jason’s spare time he likes to ride motorbikes, cycling, fishing, target shooting, and is a family orientated man. These hobbies helped Jason and his family with relocating to Central Otago, as they are never short of activities to do.

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Nick Scott,
Technical Drafter

Nick relocated from Tauranga to Wanaka for a lifestyle change. Nick has spent 3 ½ years in the precast industry, working for Heb Construction in Mt Wanganui as a senior technical drafter. He also has experience as a project manager in furniture design for five years, designing furniture kit-sets.

As a technical drafter, Nick oversees the technical aspects of projects. He receives architectural drawings and structural drawings, and joins them together to create a set of ‘shop drawings’. These shop drawings are then used to create the precast solutions that Balcrom creates every day. Interpreting the architectural and structural drawings is what Nick prides himself on, as there is a multitude of ways to create and interpret these, something that Nick has great experience in. 

Nick was attracted to working at Balcrom with the potential he saw in the business. “It is exciting to be a part of a growing business, and helping the company to take it to the next level is awesome”. Working as a technical drafter you are exposed to many designs regarding an array of buildings and architectural projects. This has led Nick to be involved in some awesome projects, including creation of the Tauranga eastern-link roadway. We hope he can bring his civil infrastructure prowess to our projects as well!

In Nick’s spare time he loves to spend time in the outdoors – one of his main reasons for his relocation to Central OtagoHe absolutely loves snowboarding in the winter, mountain biking in the summer, and fly fishing throughout the year.


Kristina Royter,
Project Manager

Kristina is the newest edition to the Cromwell team. She brings a wealth of knowledge from across the ditch as a Project Manager/Estimator within the structural steel industry in Melbourne.

Kristina’s day to day entails controlling the production planning, schedule and delivery of products. Delivery doesn’t happen in house, so this is an integral part of the business logistics that Kristina stays on top of.

Kristina’s drive is customer satisfaction. Balcrom emphasises that their products are finished on time and to a high quality, and Kristina is the back bone of this guarantee. Kristina’s project management experience in very large companies has brought a new skill set to Balcrom, she is enjoying introducing some new systems and processes to the business – ultimately ensuring we don’t just meet deadline expectations, but exceed them. 

In Kristina’s spare time she loves fly and spin fishing and can always be seen up rivers during the summer periods. Kristina is also an avid hunter, with a bow no less, her skills with a bow have her involved with archery as well.