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Peninsula Bay House

Balcrom products: Precast Thermomass Woodgrain finish panels, Black Oxide Trapezoidal Profile Precast Panels, Ribs and Timber Infills

Innovation: Architectural black oxide trapezoidal profile precast panels

Construction company: Breen Construction

Central Park Apartments

Balcrom products: Precast Panels, Stairs, Ribs and Infills

Innovation: Black aggregate finish

Construction company: Breen Construction

Mitre 10 Mega Queenstown

Balcrom products: Panels, Caps, Lintels

Innovation: Custom ribbed finish and coloured

Architect: Mason and Wales

Construction company: Naylor Love Construction

Rotary Milking Shed

Balcrom products: Panels

Innovation: Concrete roof trusses

Architect: Lines in Design

Construction company: Barfoote Construction

Kawarau Falls Bridge

Balcrom products: Panels and barriers, flat slab

Construction company: McConnell Dowell