Premaloos have been very popular with local councils, as well as camping and sports grounds. The unit can also be modified into a dangerous goods store or killing shed. An outside showerhead is often installed in Premaloos located near a beach. The toilets are precast in several sections and assembled into a complete one piece unit, then transported to the desired location and simply connected to services in the central service room.

Durable, low maintenance, pre-finished toilets

Balcrom Premaloos are constructed out of precast concrete so there is little chance of damage. The interior walls and floor are tiled for easy cleaning. The standard exterior walls have an exposed aggregate finish for a pleasing look that goes with most landscapes. Several other exterior finishes are available. 

Balcrom Premaloos are designed to comply with accessibility requirements for persons with disabilities. Stainless steel baby change tables are fitted in the disabled toilet.

The Premaloo will withstand the most extreme conditions that Mother Nature can throw at it and come out looking like new for years to come.